About - Key Strokes Inc.
We strive to provide small businesses and their owners with personalized services that will achieve stability and generate efficient growth through implementation of practical solutions.
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“We strive to provide small businesses and their owners with personalized services that will achieve stability and generate efficient growth through implementation of practical solutions.”

About Key Strokes

Take A Look At Our Qualifications



With over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping & accounting, we’ve helped numerous individuals and businesses from A to Z.  You’ll be employing our team’s full spectrum of experience.



Managing your financials isn’t something you learn to do overnight!  We’ve worked for years to become proficient as possible at what we do, all for your benefit!



You won’t have to worry about filing those taxes, entering that receipt, or picking what account your new purchase goes to – let us handle it and take out the guesswork.



Why let your financials be controlled by someone hours away or even across the country?  We’ve been located in sunny Pompano Beach, FL for going on 10 years and will be here to help you in person along the way.



Our team includes graduates from some of the top business colleges in the Southeast and hours upon hours of continued education.  Use our specific education and knowledge to your advantage!



Give us a call!  We’ll actually be here and are more than willing to talk with you.  There’s nothing worse than waiting for hours for a response on those time-sensitive matters that seem to come up from time to time.



This is your money that we are talking about, and that’s nothing to take lightly.  Unfortunately, we’ve cleaned up after more than one bookkeeper that did some less than honest things.  Our 20+ year track record of commitment and accountability speaks for itself.  Check out our testimonials!



We represent you or your company and always portray ourselves in a positive and proactive manner.  We respect and understand how difficult it is to manage your finances or own a business.  You’ll have our passionate team dedicated to your cause.

Meet Our Staff



The President of this family-owned business has worked in the corporate world & accounting industry since 1988, in both Chicago and South Florida. Marsha worked alongside CEOs of multi-national companies in the insurance and aviation industries.

In 2006, with over 18 years of experience at the time, Marsha decided to establish her own business, “Key Strokes, Inc”.

Since then, she has built long-term working relationships with local CPAs and clients from various industries such as aviation, construction, legal, medical, real estate, restaurants, retail and wholesale.

Marsha is a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers & a Florida Notary Public with countless hours of continuing education under her belt.


Vice-President & Director of Marketing

The Vice-President & Director of Marketing earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Jacksonville University in 2010.

Since then, Erik has been with Key Strokes, Inc. providing part-time support while cultivating a career in Law Enforcement.

Erik made the jump to a full-time position in early 2015 and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Accounting along with the CPA Certification.

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